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Book Nomad: Reading the World

Apr 1, 2020

On this journey, I'm joined by Nour and Assia as we discuss
  • What is our responsibility towards our (unborn) children?
  • What does it mean to be called “Muslim”?
  • How does the language we speak affect our identity?
  • (In) denial: France and the harkis.
Books in focus: trilogy by Zahia Rahmani (France/Algeria):
  • Moze
  • “Musulman” roman (“Muslim” a novel)
  • France, récit d’une enfance (France, story of a childhood)
Find Nour on Instagram @nourstuckinabookstore. 
Find Assia on Instagram/Twitter @shereadsox and her website
Full episode notes and guest details on the website:
Disclaimer: book features ≠ endorsements. We speak as readers, not experts.